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We are leaders in store development with Magento in Uruguay. We have created TiendaWeb, the first Magento store system in the cloud in Latin America.

We have the experience of a large number of global projects carried out on this platform, which positions us as experts in Magento.

Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform that offers all merchants and online business owners a flexible shopping cart system, in addition to full control over every aspect, content and functionality of the online store. Magento offers a fairly extensive tool catalog for management, marketing and search-engine optimization, therefore, it is considered as one of the best e-commerce platforms currently available.

In addition, Magento's ability allows to scale stores from just a few products and simple needs to easily expand to tens of thousands of products without having to change platforms. Furthermore, it offers a considerable variety of themes and plugins that allow to significantly improve customer experience.

One of Magento’s best aspects as an e-commerce platform is that it has been designed as an application that can be used by someone who does not even have developer knowledge.

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TiendaWeb offers you your own e-commerce made in Magentoin the cloud.
We take care of the technological aspect, so that you focus 100% on your business.

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